The Self-Esteem Boosting Diet

The Self-Esteem Boosting Diet
The Self-Esteem Boosting Diet
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Self-esteem boosting diet

Have you ever expressed an emotion that caught you off guard?

Many people incorrectly think that their emotions and feelings, especially with the way they express them, are entirely self-controlled.

In other words, most people have a belief that they should be able to control their emotions, and if they can’t, they’re inferior in some way.

This is not the case.

Endocrinologists and other scientists will tell you that in many cases the way you express yourself emotionally is influenced by some outside cause dietary choices or by chemical processes in your body women may understand better than men that emotions and feelings are linked to hormones and chemicals.

The monthly process women undergo and on their menstrual cycle causes emotional highs and lows directly related to massive chemical changes they’re undergoing.

This also happens with men though it’s not routinely talked about; unfortunately, the good news is that your self-esteem can enjoy a healthy boost by merely eating certain things and avoiding others.

The following dietary advice will help you realize more feelings of self-esteem and self-love and questioning yourself and disliking who you are.

Eat more fiber


Dietary fiber does an excellent job of cleansing your body.

This minimizes the likelihood that you’ll become overweight or obese and additionally reduces your odds of developing chronic diseases or illnesses.

Why is this good for your self-esteem?

Fiber-rich foods like pears apples broccoli and whole grains are so good at removing waste from your body toxins, and poisons can’t build up in unhealthy amounts.

This reduces the number of chemicals which negatively affect how you feel.

In turn, you have a higher probability of accessing your real emotions and feelings rather than having negative emotions linked to an excessive amount of negatively influential chemicals in your body.

Drink lots of water

woman drinking water
woman drinking water

Personal trainers and nutritionists are quick to point out that the average person does not stay hydrated sufficiently. You need roughly one gallon of water to pass through your body each day. If you’re very active, you need even more water. Your body is approximately 65 percent water, and this water leaves your body through natural processes every day.

Short term and long term mental health problems have been linked to insufficient hydration and so have a long list of physical health issues.

Keep your body cleansed and hydrated by drinking lots of water, and all your emotional physical and mental health profiles will benefit, including your self-esteem.

 Eat kale

green leafed plant
green leafed plant

Kale is a crunchy leafy green that has an astounding number of essential minerals and vitamins your body craves.

Has been proven to offer anticancer anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits.

Kale also boosts your overall immune system, meaning you’re less likely to become sick or ill.

Sickness often causes chemical disruptions, which lead to negative feelings like low self-esteem.

Eat fewer of the three WS.

A diet that includes lots of refined sugar white flour and salt is deadly indeed.

White flour is devoid of almost all nutrition and contains a lot of unhealthy and straightforward carbohydrates, and the human body requires soda sugar salt. Still, most processed foods contain dramatically high levels of salt.

Cut back on the three W’s White flour sugar and salt, and you can quickly find you feel better about yourself.



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