7 Signs Your Partner May Be A Somatic Narcissist

7 Signs Your Partner May Be A Somatic Narcissist
7 Signs Your Partner May Be A Somatic Narcissist
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Not much is known yet regarding somatic narcissists. Psychotherapists determine suffers by experiences victims report. This is because parameters used in mental health diagnosis cannot be of help in realizing this disorder.

A healthy relationship is meant to bring out the best in you, though sufferers of this condition believe otherwise. 

After they spot and hook their prey, often well-to-do people, into a relationship, any display of emotional response from them fades off.

Seeing no problem with their behavior is the central crisis in such a setup. Their exaggerated sense of importance is often unreal and finds pleasure in fantasies. 

They, therefore, have discussions of prowess, beauty, unending love, and unlimited success. This is often intended to seek acknowledgment and admiration.

The two categories of this syndrome can either be grandiose narcissism, frequently yearning for fame and attention, or vulnerable narcissism whereby the affected take advantage of occurring situations to play the victim.



This is a person with a mental disorder. A narcissist works round the clock to maintain a perceived good reputation, never allowing any dismantling of their prominence.


Somatic narcissist

A somatic narcissist craves for entitlement revolving around the physique. Their feeling of worth comes from their bodies. They are being strong, beautiful, fit, sexy matters more to them than building a good reputation or a lasting relationship. 


How Can You Know if Your Partner is A Somatic Narcissist?

Recognizing you are dealing with a person always working hard to undermine you can be draining. Often, they have a feeling of self-sufficiency and pursuing no assistance no matter how pressed they may be. It is, therefore, important to know what to expect from people suffering from this syndrome to avoid any heartache that may emerge.



  1. No sympathy or Empathy


They feel entitled and are selfish; unable to sympathize or empathize. More often, they ignore your needs and feelings but focus on their own. As far as they care, they are all that matters and mind not to affect others. Regardless of any good you do to them, be sure always to come 2nd, 3rd.in their list of importance. 


  1. Criticize others based on image

Mocking and body shaming others is a none issue to this lot. Intimidating companions based on what they wear, how they eat, where they train, or live satisfies their ego. Having low self-esteem makes them always demand your validation in whatever they engage in. To feel more powerful, they fish for confirmation. Failure to which they may badmouth you with the intention of tainting your reputation. Somatic narcissists see anyone around them as a viable competitor and keep your relationship at that.


  1. Promiscuity

In a relationship, they flirt and triangulate you with an ex or any available suitor. Serial infidelity and an evident thirst for sex is a trend they can’t avoid. All they care about is maintaining their status quo. To disappoint or trigger emotional distress to their prey doesn’t bother them. As a victim, you constantly risk eviction from their space to emerging newbies. In case you protest of such character, they may distort the reality with lies, accusations and twist the truth. That in itself is a red flag indicating that you may be dealing with a somatic disorder case. When in such a state, positioning yourself for unnecessary apologies and making excuses to protect them can prove dangerous and must be avoided. This might be a blackmailing process used to prove your unworthiness to them.


  1. Constantly wagging conflict

To them, no one is worthy. They can sight an advantage you have over them as an excuse for defeat, always faulting all you do and have. Your clothes, food, home, and body can never please them. Such people thrive at putting you down through unpleasant mockery and being abusive. At the end of it all, they play victim and demand apologies. Be keen not to be emotionally extorted.


  1. Live a lie

This group of people can get into unbearable debt to maintain their lavish lifestyles. They were simply living beyond means, flaunting expensive things, rolling big cars, wearing a designer outfit, and perfume. They were visiting exotic destinations. They put up vanity for recognition, love, and to clique with a viewed high-class group of people.


  1. Hypersexuality

More often than not, they are the other woman/man. Serial infidelity and an evident thirst for sex is a trend they can’t avoid. By using sexuality to gain influence, they wear revealing clothes to show off their bodies. Somatic don outstanding hairstyles and makeup. Anything that makes them visibly different from others becomes the tag point.


  1. Reject aging

With their bodies being all they depend on to get fame, accepting aging is not option sufferers of this disorder accept. Exhibiting pictures of their hay days and talks of their glorious past dominate their conversations. Ever seen an old man/woman dress in an age-inappropriate manner? With a lot of pictures on their social media platforms as if trying to catch up with the youngsters? This disorder can explain your worries. It can cost them an arm and a leg for plastic surgeries and face fillers. All these are aimed at maintaining a perceived picture of what they are and possess. 


Handling a somatic narcissist

Most people with somatic narcissist disorder, NPD, find it hard to commit in relationships. This is because they tend to hop from one link to another the moment a partner criticizes their action.

Once you break up, they lash out at you just to hurt you. They believe every wrong is someone else’s fault and never theirs. To save their bruised egos, they more often spew rage, hate, and coerce you. But in case intimidation drives you back to them, be sure of a vicious circle of unnecessary breakups and reunions often yielding the same result of disappointment.



The ultimate solution may be to cut off ties with a somatic narcissist, not unless you can accommodate their character traits. Never getting fulfillment as well as not being appreciative make them unhappy, bitter people. A dissatisfied companion is hard to please or even fit in a relationship.

By not being real, any separation attempts from their prey result in pretenses of acute sickness and even threats of committing suicide.

They may not be the easiest to break off from due to their clingy nature, but this may be your only way out.


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