The Chemical Connection to Self-Esteem

The chemical connection to self-esteem
The chemical connection to self-esteem
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Chemical connection to self-esteem

This is because feelings of negative self-appraisal even when they may seem appropriate to trigger the release of chemicals like cortisol.

Cortisol is linked to high levels of stress. Stress, in turn, causes inflammation and inflammation are linked to chronic disease illness and a weakened immune system.

You can see then that when you beat yourself up and get down about who you are you can cause physical and mental disease and illness to develop. This has been proven by Western medicine and modern science.

Negative Feelings

Negative feelings cause a higher tendency for an unhealthy mind and body-based conditions. The opposite is also true.

Appreciate Yourself

I Appreciate You
I Appreciate You

Appreciate yourself frequently and you’ll find less stress and anxiety in your life you’ll encounter fewer times that you become sick and your lifespan will be longer and healthier and your mental health will benefit as well learn to appreciate yourself more did you know your unique genetic makeup has never been present in human history and scientists and geneticists tell us it will never be present in the future.

  • This means you’re a unique one of a kind individual.
  • You’re here for a reason. That’s incredibly good news.

    Be yourself -Selena Gomez
    Be yourself -Selena Gomez
  • Pat yourself on the back for the unique individual you are because believe it or not you have incredible gifts and abilities which are inherent to you.

    Proud pat on the back
    Proud pat on the back
  • Learn to express gratitude. Every day for your wonderful life and the positive things in it.
Thank You
Thank you-Learn to express gratitude.

When you cook a perfect meal do well on a test or simply give a 100 percent effort at anything. Take a moment to bask in the glow of self-pride and self-love.

You can truly and positively affect your health and well-being simply by learning to appreciate who you are.

And this means not judging yourself by societal standards but rather regarding yourself highly for the things you do and the person you are.




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