Determine healthy distractions and avoiding unhealthy distractions

Determine healthy distractions and avoiding unhealthy distractions
Determine healthy distractions and avoiding unhealthy distractions
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Now I want to talk about healthy distractions because let’s be honest and let’s be real.

What is a healthy distraction?

You’re not going to be doing something productive all the time you’re not going to be wanting to learn. Listen to a book taking a course or doing other things that are going to help you grow. And there are just times that you might even feel very overwhelmed.

Productive all the day
Productive all-day

So it’s important to find things that will distract you.

And that’s actually one of the things that you practice especially if the body is overwhelmed. If the body feels hyper stress and things like that I could do meditation things like that but sometimes you just need something to kind of let your mind stop running and when you might stop running it allows the body to stop producing the stress hormones is allows the body to relax allows the body then to be in a better position. So then you can make different decisions.

So for example for me, I find watching funny movies or other movies that I like that are going to help me.Laugh smile

Also sometimes cleaning to burn that energy or exercising or like I said meditating they’re all good distractions something that you could do.

You can also feed your brain for example when I was basically in isolation for a while. I got really good at playing monopoly games and I really think highly of my monopoly game now as far as my capabilities because I spent a lot of time.

Monopoly game
Monopoly game

Sudoku is one of those other brain games that’s been shown to help people relax than to help them make them feel better and increase those happy hormones and things like that.


What are some of the things that you like that’s going to help you get distracted in a positive way

So again think about it from this perspective what are some of the things that you like that’s going to help you get distracted in a positive way that’s gonna help you feel better in the situation that’s going to help channel some of that energy negative energy that you might have. Another thing that we do for example is we learn I’m learning a language. Also, there are brain game apps such as peak so you can you know sit all day playing Candy Crush and stuff like that.

But there are actually games that are entertaining that help specific parts of your brain so you can use those again. And if you do a simple search you know brain games to help the brain and things like that and or if you have if you don’t have an iPhone whatever kind that you have just look up for the app you’ll be able to find some.So think about it.

What are some of the things that you could do to help you stay distracted when you need it the most and help you get to that place where you could do it in a healthy way that’s not going to impact you in a negative way long term?

What is an unhealthy distraction?

Now I want to talk about unhealthy distraction and Jim Graham talks a lot about this and he calls an error of judgment.

For example, you say an apple a day keeps the doctor away but less a fee.

You know fatty greasy food every day. You know it might not seem like a bad idea at that specific time. It might not be bad. You might not feel in that specific to what happens if you do that for months for years. I see as a long term impact on your health.


And sometimes we think about big changes but sometimes a little change is what makes the biggest difference.

What does that mean that you have to be the gatekeeper to your brain?

Brain Gatekeeper
Brain Gatekeeper

You have to choose what you’re going to focus on and you don’t do it intentionally. You know we have a negative bias was very easy for us to focus on the negativity in our world especially in the times that we’re living in everything that’s happening in the world right now.

So it’s easy to go for example into social media into complaining into watching the news all the time into eating just to cope into drinking alcohol which might make you feel good at the time the long term is going to have a negative effect on depression anxiety and other things or other drugs or you might spend all day playing mindless games and what you’re really doing is missing an opportunity to do the things that you’ve always wished you had time to do.

playing mindless game
Candy Crush? I am so so addicted!

He might say well I’m going to do those things because I have time. But what you realize is that time goes by quickly. So eight hours later you’re like whoa where did my days go.

I didn’t do anything but play Candy Crush and look at Social Media Watch the news or did some of the things they’re not really feeding me. And that can be fine temporarily but long term is going to really impact you when you start developing negative patterns.

So it’s important especially from the get-go to choose distractions that are going to empower you.

  • They’re going to help you long term choose your input.
  • Choose the media.
  • Choose the people around you and make sure that when you have distractions there are the positive distractions that are helping you grow and develop and not the ones that are going to have long term implications on your mental health on your vision of what is possible and really just again not missing the opportunity to really create something that’s going to help you long term.



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