Owais Younis

Founder and CEO

Owais Younis is the Founder & CEO of Zoom Medians. He has trained to perform highly in different fields such as Broadcasting, Graphic designing, Digital marketing, and Blogging. His dedication is what sets him apart from anybody else. He is a well-rounded individual who lives with passion, dedication, and grace.

Maryam Shuaib Karim

Content Writer

Maryam Shuaib Karim is a start-up writer whose main topics of interest deal with societal issues as well as trending topics that the youth can relate to like fashion, music, mental health issues, and students’ problems. Her interest in these topics and writing, in general, is because of her background in social sciences that has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics of general interest. She has also done community-based internships. Community-based work has played a role in broadening her perspective to all sociological problems faced by different members of the society, mostly underprivileged, the law of the country and its power to solve this kind of sociological problem by removing injustice through the power of law. Currently, she’s enrolled in Bahria University LLB program.

Maria Paula Obado

Content Writer

Are you looking forward to a surge in google search rankings? Maria Paula Obado is a freelancer, SEO, creative thinker and excellent writer for that purpose.The Wewrite Kenya CEO offers captivating and informative write-ups. Always keeping her readers on the edge, wanting more.With an associate in business management, your business is sure of growth with her articles. From your industry model to competition, upcoming market trends and tips on elevating your brand can never escape her hook.When not being creative for her readers, Paula ensures a creative atmosphere for her family. Her husband and 4 wonderful children.